Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Production Company

I have created a new production company called Innovative Insticnts Productions. It is a combination of video production, DJ service for parties, weddings, occasions, etc., and CD/DVD distribution and packaging. I have invested heavily in a brand new HD video camera, a company logo, and brand new DJ equipment. I haven't gotten everything I need yet, but if things keep moving the way they have been, I'll be there in no time. My first weekend of business was busy, but I think I really have found my niche. I filmed, directed and produced a video for my homies Da Hunnid Boyz called "Got Dat Chevy" from their Seriously Hunnid mixtape. The video has been praised widely by viewers, and has become the most viewed of my videos on my YouTube channel. (and I've got some on their from a couple of years ago). It's only been 8 days since I posted the video. I also served as the DJ for my homeboys wedding this past Saturday night and another of my friends weddings on Sunday night. Both weddings went extremely well for my first times. I really love and know music, and I know audiences, so being a DJ is probably going to earn some cash for me. needless to say, I have some catching up to do on the money I've dropped for the equipment, but the skills I will acquire and build throughout my years will undoubtedly build, and with it will the revenue. I think these are all wise investments, and I thank my friends who have helped out on my first projects for having confidence in me and my work. If there's anything you think should improve, trust me I notice it as well, and things will only get better from here. For everyone else, thanks for the support and KEEP showin love in the future! Stay tuned...

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