Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Upcoming Mixtape with Dolla Boi

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The 'No Rearview' Mixtape is in the works. It is an effort by myself, Jae Rae, and my indie labelmate Dolla Boi. A lot of artists are doing mixtapes in our city, and doing them well. We have simple primary objectives in compiling this mixtape. We mainly seek to improve our production capabilities. In the efforts past, the overall sound quality/production of the songs we were releasing were.. let's say.. inadequate. People were not listening to us. With my latest solo mixtape, 'Raider Nation', I was able to reach new listeners, and acquire new connections with people outside our city with the help of my partner and best friend Brittney Waugh. So, I do not believe that our talent is lacking or that our message is irrelevant. Speaking of messages, I have personally adopted a new idea when dealing with songwriting. I vow to compose more music about me. My life. My thoughts. The Real Me. I have never been a phony on wax, but it is my personal mission to ensure that the music I release from now on speaks to those who can relate. Basically... NO MORE NURSERY RHYMING. This brings me to our second mission as a duo. It is to draw in new QUALITY audiences. We are thankful for every listener and supporter we can get, but if we are putting out the best, most relevant music we know how to make, then we couldn't care less if we don't reach certain audiences. Bottom line, we are going to put out music that serves as an outlet FOR us and an window INTO us. Our last mission with this mixtape is to create it because we want to stay true to ourselves. While doing my best to NOT speak for Dolla Boi, I can personally state that I couldn't care twice if I make it to the 'Big Leagues' with my work. What I WILL do is give the music the REAL me... at all times. Whether I'm goofin off or givin you real spit.. Itll be the real me. It'll be the REAL Dolla Boi, D Star, Groove and Freeze. We WILL stay true to who we are day in, day out, every verse, every hook. That being said, when No Rearview is finished, All Star Recordz will release a solo effort mixtape/album before another collaborative effort is compiled. So, we are here to stay. I hope you stay with us. We've got stories to tell. Real Life ones. No Rearview, Jae Rae and Dolla Boi. Coming Soon.