Friday, August 12, 2011

My daughter, Jaelynn Ray Elbert is KO'd with her mama! She just turned 7 months old! I can't wait till her First Birthday. I have to start my Basic Officer Leaders Course three days later, so I should be able to provide for her like every father wants for his child.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Busy Work

I have been working like crazy to get all of these video requests complete. After 'Blast Off', artists have been hittin me up trying to do videos. the Big C video was a widely popular success, and he is trying to do another video asap. Im good with that. Anything I can do to support these artists, Im gonna do it. That's what the discount is all about. It gives these artists an opportunity to get their music heard through the visual medium that they normally wouldnt be able to afford or normally wouldnt be comfortable spending money on. With a discount, they will probably consent to doing a video. This gives me the window I need to showcase my skill, and that would most likely prompt the artists to do further work with me, like Da Hunnid Boyz and Big C did. That being said, I have put my own label's videos on the backburner... but that is all changing. Last Night I Finished the "I'm In There" video. It is mainly just a visual that we decided to shoot and produce, to give the public an insight to the mixtapes we have upcoming. "My Brother's Keeper 2" and "No Rearview" are both mixtapes that are almost complete and ready to drop. "I'm In There" is the first single from MBK2, and we are going to use this video to promote that mixtape. I am working on the second video for "Cypher" also off MBK2. No Rearview videos are in the planning process. Stay tuned...



Monday, August 8, 2011

My Latest Video!

This is the latest video from Innovative Instincts Productions! Big C used to work with me at KSWO, our local TV station. He came to me after he saw my 'Blast Off' video and told me he was interested in doing a video to one of his freestyle songs. After about a week of waiting while he chose a song, he sent me the song he wanted to do the video to. We scheduled the shoot, recorded the video, and I had it completely edited in three days. I brought it to him, and he loved it. We handled business very professionally, and the entire process went smoothly. Shout to Big C. Innovative Instincts 2011.